Windows 7 Public Beta 1 direct & torrent download

Windows 7After the not-so-ideal release of the first official public beta of indows 7 Microsoft decided to pull of the the 2.5 million restriction and instead the redmond company offered unlimited beta downloads as well as valid serial keys.

Good news indeed, so here is how you can directly download your copy of Windows 7 Beta 1 x86 and x64 versions. For the P2P/Bittorent enthusiansts there is a version in Demonoid that contains all x86 and x64 versions and the Ultimate SKU’s are preactivated!Grab your torrent here
To get your own genuine serial number enter here for the 32bit serial and here for the 64bit serial.

Also a reliable source spoted that there are still some hidden features in the first public beta of Windows 7 but there is a way to unlock them. Read the full story here and download the blue badge tool to unlock the hidden features x86 and x64 version.

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2 Responses to “Windows 7 Public Beta 1 direct & torrent download”

  1. gaurav digga Says:

    i want it soon .please

  2. Ilmi Aji Says:

    i’ve already using windows 7 professional, so far i think this is the best operating system now, awesome :D

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